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Title: Aztek Exotic
Post by: Aztek-Knight on October 07, 2008, 06:47:18 PM
Well... my wife and I were on the way to Branson, MO to see a show - part of our 10 year wedding anniv - and we had an Aztek Adventure.

First, we are going along doing 70 MPH (the limit) in the right lane and I see this car coming up behind in the left lane going FAST. It flys by (like I'm driving in reverse), it was a Dogde Viper. Then I notice a Corvette right on its tail... AND THEN about 4 to 5 more Vipers. Must have been a club or something on the way to Springfield, MO. Very cool to see.

We kept on driving - didn't make any stops - and then AGAIN... some car is zooming up towards me - this time it was approx. 6 Vipers, 3 Porsches, and a Lamborghini of some sort. I know, I know... I should have pushed on the gas (open a can of Whoop Aztek) and put them all to shame BUT we had the dogs with us, and they were not buckled in *sigh* lucky for those exotics ;)

Then about 10 minutes after the second group, one lonely Viper showed up and passed me. Must have been Grandma and Grandpa putting along at only 80 mph.

....Now, I know some of you will be like NO PHOTOS, DIDN'T HAPPEN! HA - I got videos! Enter, the cell phone...
01.wmv ( (1.67 MB)
02.wmv ( (904 KB)

And here is Grandma & Grandpa

Title: Re: Aztek Exotic
Post by: tanktek on October 08, 2008, 12:26:02 PM
One of my uncles close friends belongs to a viper club. Ill have to ask him what was going on. Odds are that he went to it too. The guy I'm talking about has 2 vipers. lucky devil :wacko: