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Author Topic: New Your Times Aztek article  (Read 10669 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 05, 2003, 09:31:33 AM »

I also have an '02 and though I like the painted cladding a hell of alot better than the '01 grey cladding, it does get nicks easier. I'm sure Tom has noticed too, that with the yellow, that road grime loves to stick to it along the bottom of the sides and is hard to get off. The first week I had mine, this girl got out of the back and rested the door against a neighboring vehicle, and when she got out the vehicle rose and put about a 3 inch yellow streak on the other car and a missing spot of yellow on my door  :angry: .  I still like it better than the '01s. My parents have an '01 and they have a scratch on the cladding and its not something you can just paint over with more plastic. i have a bottle of touchup and it works fine.
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« Reply #16 on: May 06, 2003, 04:12:28 AM »

I must say, These people that write these articles really must Drive them (the AZTEK) a little more. I really do like our Tek! I never cared for GM products before We got our Tek (Sept 01). Aways a Ford Man. I really think we got our BANG for our BUCK with the AZTEK! This is a Great Car- Van- Truck!!  :ph34r:   KBro
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« Reply #17 on: May 06, 2003, 08:40:05 PM »

i have a bottle of touchup and it works fine.

Me too...I have had to use it two or three times. One chip was from a big SUV in a parking lot. I saw the lady open her door right into mine, but she just drove away and I was too far away to see her plate. It was quite a nice size chip too. The touch up paint covered it color-wise, but the texture doesn't match, so you can see it. The first chip or two are small and covered easily with the paint.
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