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Author Topic: RALLY THOUGHTS  (Read 62914 times)
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tiki tek
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« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2005, 02:33:11 PM »

First off - Curt and I had a absotootly wonderball time!  The heat did play a huge factor (reason why we didn't go to Cedar Point), but I agree with YF - camping is it - huge aspect of what our Rally is all about.  Secondly - I also agree with Newfie - softball, frisbee, picnicing, hobnobbing, games - things that would get all of us out of our shells, mix it up and get us all socializing.  I love the convoy thing through town idea - I LOVED the convoy Cheesy !  But I don't see a whole lot with the dealership

Of course with this group - no matter what happens, we are bound to have a blast!  Curt and I are in next year no matter what is decided!   :wave:

Tiki Tek
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« Reply #16 on: July 01, 2005, 11:44:09 PM »

Thanks for the opportunity to offer thoughts, ideas, opinions. We had a fun time at the campsite...it is definitely a relaxing place, and the fire in the evening was fun.
Maybe next year, we can ulogize the Aztek itself since it will be extinct :cry: .

1. I thought the dealership was a nice place to break the ice with people...such close quarters and all... however the dealership itself seemed unprepared for the arrival of any number >10-12 'teks.  Perhaps a different dealership would be an alternative to kick-off a Friday cruise.  The local Pontiac dealer here hosts a car show for all makes/models of Pontiac annually, and clears the entire lot of new vehicles to make room for displaying show cars.  I would have expected at least as much from Steinle.  
2.  Cedar Point would have been more fun if the heat hadn't been such a factor.
We did do several non-roller coaster rides, and the kids did have a blast, but it always came back to the heat.  I think it could be an option among a short list of
area attractions.  Weekday may also be easier, but there were an AWFUL number of tour buses there; it may be that way as much during the week.

3.  This being our first rally, and being rather quiet folks, it was somewhat difficult to mingle with people, especially at the campsite.  It was obvious that several couples/families had met before and were naturally clustering together.  I expect it will become less of an issue next time for us.  For the future, however, it would be nice to have a brief time for introductions of all attending.  I know someone had mentioned the same idea earlier...I second that thought.

4.  As mentioned earlier.... GROUP PHOTO!!!

Thanks again to everyone who made this year's rally a reality.  I expect to be there for '06, although would like to convoy with the WI/IL 'teks next time :cooldude:
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« Reply #17 on: July 02, 2005, 09:10:18 AM »

First of all this ( my second rally) was a fun time I won't be forgetting for a long time thanks to everyone else in attendance and organizers.Even though the heat took me out of commision Friday evening I still had a lil juice in me to meet some of you before the night was over.
I do agree that the dealership should be scratched from the agenda next year. It didnt seem like they were as welcoming as they were last year to us. I only maybe saw a salesman out there once this year compared to last year when they actually joined us out there and even brought out more raffle goodies for us. We can have even better of a time on our own under the shade of a campground with a family style kindof potluck. The Aztek is a family vehicle anyway so why not have it family reunion style. ^_^
Saturday in opposition of trucking to cedar point. I agree with jolene that it would be neat to have a fishing day or evening. There are plenty of public fishing areas and docks to go to in the area. The only cost incurred there would be fishing supplies and a fishing liscence. It would be cheaper than cedar point by far and yet anothe chance to socialize with everyone. Who knows, maybe some one will drag in a Nessie and we can have one heck of a fish fry that night.
One thing that would be great to do is to have someone waiting at the bottom of the offramp or a good curve for the ultimate tek convoy picture to set up. Or maybe a grassy area that would fit all of the teks in a lineup with the owners standing besides them for a cool panoramic shot. ( family photo time)
Another neat thing I was also thinking about was the possibility of there being a real car show that weekend somewhere in the area. I know last year on the way to Fremont we drove right past one in downtown. I would be neat if we could find out the scheduling for a car show that weekend. If there was one we could contact the organization that is hosting it and see if they would approve of a timely scheduling of the running of the Azteks ( Actually slow cruising), through their car show. It might even cause some notoriety in the local paper if we did. Its not every day that a pack of azteks cruises allong through a car show.
But then how often do you see a group of teks camping alonside of a Delorean! ((( Did anyone else notice that Sunday morning, or was it just a delusion from the 2;30 bedtime for me. :unsure: ))


Elisha  2005/06/07 Rally organizer
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« Reply #18 on: July 02, 2005, 12:49:54 PM »


I like the idea of the group photo, I too agree that it would have been AWESOME to have gathered all of the Teks and owners together for a huge panoramic picture. I know I DEFINATELY would have purchased a print had we done that!
I also agree that the convoy pics are something we should work on as well, you are correct that its not everyday that a convoy of Teks pass through your quiet little town.  It truly was an AWESOME sight!

I also have to add that maybe some name tags that include your AFC Screen name, and which Tek you own would help break the ice.  I saw a lot of folks there that arent that active in the forums, that made it hard to put a finger on just who they were, and some didnt really mingle much at all.  But Im just as guilty, It takes me a while to come out of my shell.

Maybe we could do a "Gathering of the families" the first night, after everyone has settle in, have each of us introduce ourselves and our familes, talk for a minute or two about where we are from, what we do (work), etc etc.  
We could make it not so much mandatory that everyone attend the ice breaker, but make sure we pass along the word that it is "highly encouraged" that each of us attend the "Gathering of the families" ice breaker on the first night..

How does that sound?


Black 2001 Aztek GT FWD (1SC Package)
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« Reply #19 on: July 04, 2005, 04:29:55 PM »

OK a couple of my thoughts-

1 the date- I think the date works, mainly because so many of us have kids, and we would have to deal with taking kids out of school in the Spring or the Fall. I know June there is the chance of the sweltering weather- but i think that was an abnormally hot weekend for the time of year- it could have just as easily been rainy in the 60's- one never knows.

2- the dealer and Cedar Point- I agree, lets drop them or like others have said make them an option for Sunday or even Monday. Monday would be good for the crowds, and to make it more of an option, it will save folks money and maybe make them more likely to come.

We can maybe do an Aztek caravan around some sites on Saturday and have a picnic lunch somewhere- maybe near the lake. This would be cheaper, and give more social time- Just one thought, and if it is a repeat of someone else's, I apologize.

On the gathering of the families idea- I like the  concept Ande, but I am thinking many are too shy to stand up in front of others- feels too much like school..lol. How about we send everyone coming a little "getting to knwo you" questionaire and have copies available for the attendees? You could read it, and give you something to break the ice when you meet someone.

Just a few small thoughts-


"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty & well preserved body, BUT rather to SKID In BROADSIDE, completely used up, totally worn out, and SCREAMING "WOW---WHAT A RIDE!!"

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Melo Yelo
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« Reply #20 on: July 05, 2005, 03:53:28 PM »

I think I can get info on the show in Fremont, And I know some that live there and may know the "right" lady in charge!

Also, I am becoming friends with the local paper... may not be bad idea to start plugging now for it...

I posted this on the other 2006 rally dates thread, but there is the idea of taking over Kellys Island.... the have a state campground... b&b's, swimming beaches, hiking, fishing (duh, the lake) tourist shops, etc.... oh and Brandy Alexander's... mmmmmm...

any thoughts?

I agree about the group photo, awesome idea...

Again, weather is out of our control, that just takes some prayer

 Wink Melo aka MelohuggyTek
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« Reply #21 on: July 08, 2005, 02:55:04 PM »

My wife and I really enjoyed ourselfs. We just barely made it on Friday before the group departed to the dealer. And other the sponsership (and maybe money), I do not see much advantage to doing the dealer stop over.
The campground was nicely set up for the group, the bathrooms were BAD.
If the amusement park is part of next years events, we will skip it. With my wifes limitation on fully enjoying a facilty like that, we will spent the rest of that day doing something else. (An island?).
Other then that, we enjoyed our selfs and look forward to next year.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Ed & Jayme
2001 Yellow AWD

2001 Yellow AWD. 162,000 miles.
MQV Son of Quinn
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When all else fails buy two

« Reply #22 on: July 08, 2005, 07:39:41 PM »

I wish you could have been here the first year. The delaership was hopping, the music was pounding and there were 11 of us. I do agree the dealership on Friday this year was a bust. We are planning on possibly moving the campgrounds, Kim and I are going to check out the KOA in the area, and ditch Cedar Point. Saturday could see us at a dealership in the morning and then cruising the Fremont car show in the evening. We hope to have everything laid out and planned before 2006 rolls around.


Jack Egan
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« Reply #23 on: July 10, 2005, 07:47:37 AM »

We had a good time - My eldest daughter brought her Tek and has stated that next year her husband has expressed an interest in attending- this was the second rally
for my youngest daugher and I understand she wants to attend also- This has their
sister wondering what she missed, so there is a good possibility that all three of
my daughters may be there next year. As to the Cedar Point aspect of the rally,
 I feel it should be up to the family if they choose to go there. I favor the idea of a convoy through the area. I also agree with the person who expressed the point that
since there was no 2006 Tek that there was no reason to visit the dealership.
 Also, as a get-together, The concept of an indoor, Air-conditioned venue is appealing,
as is the idea of a water-park outing. Walking around CedarPoint and the long lines
involved may be more for the younger set. I wasn't that partial to the effort in return for a minute or so on the coasters. I keep following this thread as well as telling my kids the dates so they can make their plans.

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