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Author Topic: Trivia rules  (Read 4214 times)
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« on: February 28, 2007, 07:31:13 AM »

Quinn Trivia is open for business.  I ask that you please follow the instructions, if you choose to participate.  I have opened the trivia to everyone so we can get the largest participation. We'll start out simple and then add some goodies later on. In the future their may be some prizes available for the winner. A round will consist of 25 questions. Please read the rules carefully. I am looking for questions, any member submitting a question used will be awarded 1 point as if they answered the question right.

1. The biggest key to answering these questions is to read the question very carefully, but being careful not to read too much into it.  Then following the directions as to what is being asked for, as we have had another string of answers that did not really seem to fit the format of the question.

2. Only one answer allowed per member, per question.  Everyone has a right to post what they feel is the correct answer, without being criticized for it.

3. All site rules apply.

4. Questions will be kept open for at least 24 hours from the time they are posted (I will extend that time if no correct answers are received).  I will not confirm the answer until the question has been closed.  That will allow plenty of time for all to answer the question.  The first person to answer the question correctly will receive full credit for answering it correctly.  I will vary the times that the questions are posted, to give everyone a chance to answer them.  In the event that no one correctly answers a question in a 48 hour period (unless I extend it longer) the question will go into the vault to be resurrected later.

5. Points will be posted according to the owner’s screen name in a separate post in this forum.

6. Address any appeals regarding answers to MQV Son of Quinn by email, PM or on-line chat.

7. When considering source material to answer questions, please consider your source.  I attempt to find an official Pontiac source to develop my question.

8. These rules may be changed at a later date. Any changes will be noted at least 48 hours before they go into effect.
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