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Author Topic: Posting rules  (Read 6577 times)
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Tom Moog
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« on: March 04, 2003, 02:17:22 PM »

You are free to speak your mind and share you opinions. In order to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience here, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

First, before posting a question, please make sure it hasn't already been posted. With the number of postings at well over 1000, chances are that your question has already been asked and answered.

That being said, here are the rules:

1. The Aztek Fan Club is a "No bash" zone. When posting, please respect the feelings of your fellow board mates. All postings which convey negativity toward others will be removed immediately. You are free to disagree, but do so with a professional attitude. If you have a dispute with another member, resolve it with private messages. If that doesn't work, send a personal message to myself, or any of the moderators here.

2. Material of obscene nature are prohibited. This includes pornographic material of any kind, as well as lewd comments or remarks. Sexual harassment of other board members is not allowed. The first offense of this nature is an automatic permanent ban from the boards.

3. NEVER post your address or phone number on the boards! There are lurkers that could use that information in a damaging way to you. Please be safe. Send that information in e-mails or through private messages!

4. This website is for people who own, or are enthusiasts of the Pontiac Aztek. If you came here to talk badly of the Aztek, then please save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere.

5. Before posting a question to the boards, please take a moment to use the search feature to see if someone already asked your question.

6. Please don't "Flood" the boards. Examples of flooding are: making duplicate postings in the same topic or in other topics, making postings of no relevance, or having a posting war with others to try to achieve a higher post count.

7. Religion and politics are off limits here. Any postings debating either of these topics will be deleted immediately.

8. Commercial advertising is STRICTLY prohibited. If you have something for sale, you may post it in the classifieds. These postings are to sell personal items.  NON-COMMERCIAL ads are NOT allowed. Further, items that may be listed in this section are to be of family nature. sale of ANY adult items are not permitted.

That's it for now. Please have fun with the boards!
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Tom Moog

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