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Title: Gallery Guidelines
Post by: Tom Moog on April 30, 2004, 08:19:59 AM
Here are the guidelines for the gallery:

1. Make sure all photos you upload are yours, or that you have permission from the owner to post them on the Internet

2. Uploaded images should be of a personal nature. Primarily shots of your Aztek. You are also free to post up pictures of your other vehicles, vacation, family, and leisure activities as well.

3. Images are to be tasteful. DO NOT upload images that may be considered offensive, lewd, or adult in nature. These photos will be removed, and all images from that point forward will have to be approved before displaying in your gallery.

4. Please be sure to build your albums in the appropriate area. Don't put Aztek galleries in the Rally section, etc.

5. By uploading images to this website, you understand that they are visible and accessible by anyone on the Internet. Do not post pictures you don't want the world to see! It is advisable, however, not mandatory that you blank or blur any part of the image that would show information as to your identity - ie. License plate numbers, etc., however, there is no need to be paranoid about this practice. Thousands of people see your license plate every month when you are driving!

I would like to encourage you to pull your pictures together and create your own online albums here with us!