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Author Topic: International Rally at the Point!  (Read 5085 times)
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« on: March 10, 2005, 01:42:26 PM »

OK my fellow Candian Tekkers. I know I was going to try to get a Canadian Rally going this year. Unfortunatley, I am moving to Boston (Yeah I know I am staying State side for now) next month. So I say we do the following:

1. Get as many Canadian owners from the site to sign up and attend this big rally. This way we could try to out number the Americans!!! Its an invasion. If we succeed....I Adrian "TheHipAztek" will buy beer for all Canadian owners who show up. Thats right if we Canadians can out number the Americans by 1, I will buy beer. Free beer!!!!!

2. Tag other Canadian Teks!!!! This way you better the chances of getting free beer!

Who's with me. I may not live there anymore, but darn-it, my maple leaf flag tattoo says it all "Made in Canada."  

2004 Blue Aztek
"The Aztek formally known as THEHIP" but you can still call it TheHip!
Maple Leafs Fan, That I am!
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