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Title: HUD questions
Post by: dittohos on May 12, 2019, 02:09:18 PM
I installed HUD in a basic.    Does the dealer have to program the car for it now?   Currently I get instant mileage, Compass, Temp I dont get a display on the HUD and Average mileage. I get wrong Trip range and average gas per mile(states getting 5 miles per gallon on freeway but instant is mid 20's). 
Any input would help?   
I do have 12VDC at both input pins. I am able to hear the HUD move up and Down just no image on window.  I have hooked up a second HUD unit and I get the same thing, Blank.

Title: Re: HUD questions
Post by: lonewolf04 on May 14, 2019, 07:28:31 AM
I am guessing you pulled the whole dash out and just did a full dash transplant into your vehicle? I don't believe a program is needed because it is only operating off of class 2 data. Have you tried changing out the HUD switch? Possibly bad control switch for the dimmer portion not allowing it to power and display? The HUD also has 2 separate grounds, potentially one is not hooked up?