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Author Topic: West Coast Mini Rally GTG  (Read 7567 times)
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« on: August 06, 2004, 05:12:06 AM »


This thread is for Updated News, Locations, and Directions. Please only post here if you are a rally organizer for this event.

You will also find more info on this event on AztekRally.org under "West Coast Rally".

If you can attend, please post your registration on the "Sign Up" thread only.

We also have a special thread for comments, questions, suggestions and community chat on this event, and all other things related to West Coast Azteks. Everyone is invited to join in on the discussion, not just West Coast Teks. You can find this under the "West Coast Rally" forum here on AztekFanClub.com. It will be labeled "West Coast Rally Community". Please feel free to post anything you want about this and future events there. This will be our main meeting place for now.  

This structure helps to prevent clutter and confusion, and aids people in finding the info they need quickly.

If you have any questions you can email me WebWizard (Rod)



Hi everyone on the West Coast  :cooldude:

I am trying to head up a mini West Coast Rally GTG for the date of Aug 28th or Sep 4th depending on response. This will hopefully take place at either a local dealership or hall, then move onto a nice cruise down by the beach on PCH to help promote the Tek, and relax in the end of summer rays. These plans are not set in stone as of yet, but will be soon, as soon as people start responding. If you want to help let me know.. 2 or 3 people will be nice, along with myself to get this going smoothly.. Any ideas on events for the day will also be open for discussion.. But what's listed above is the main idea so far..  

This event will start about 11AM/12 Noon and go into the evening, early or late depending on response and local support.. both dates are on a Saturday.. We will all have to agree on one of those dates..

I am in the process of getting the list of names of everyone who might be interested in such an event from AztekRally's Webmaster. Also anyone who is interested should place their interest here so I can start getting a head count, or shall I say Tek count.

I am trying to get local sponsorship from one of the many Pontiac dealerships in this area, as well as any other sponsor I can come up with. Not only would a sponsor be helpful for this GTG, but this will also be the stepping stone for an actual full weekend rally possibly at a later time, once again depending on response. I am also in the works of heading up a local Aztek chapter club here on the West Coast for people who want to join, this is also why sponsorship is important. This club will cover LA County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernandino County, Inland Empire and surrounding. Also any in the interest of helping me form a local Tek club here on the West Coast within those areas would be appreciated.

I am in the process of making a website for this club. And hopefully with the support of the AztekFanClub and AztekRally we will be able to hold our forum discussions and post our information. The only thing the new site will be used for is additional resources catered to us West Coasters. The rest of our time will be spent here as usual, our hub, our centerpoint, our home. And like I said, hopefully this can be done with good response and the support of Tom and the rest of the crew...

Let me make this clear...

ALL West Coast Aztek owners and any other Aztek owner, even not on the West Coast is fully invited to this Mini Rally GTG. What I was just talking about (the local Tek Club) is different, and wasn't a means for confusion on purpose. Just wanted to mention that as well in this post..

More info to come on that soon... Now back to the important info about this West Coast GTG Mini Rally...

I hope to get things off the ground pretty quickly but will need the help of anyone, possibly 2 or 3 of you in joining me to make this GTG a fun event for all. Any help would be appreciated. You can email me through this site for more info, or to post your help in this event.. The first few people who can honestly help and give 100% effort will be given that responsibility. If your not ready to help, but want to attend that's great.. Please post your interest so I can get a head count.. You can also reply in this thread about if you can attend, how many of you there will be, where your coming from ect.. I will post a list soon about the requirments that will be needed. This helps plan for food and sponsorships.. Hope to see you all support not only the West Coast, but the AztekFanClub, AztekRally and our local club which will be named soon...

This will happen for sure on one of those two dates.. even if it means me driving there myself and setting up...

Thanks, Web (Rod)
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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2004, 05:39:01 AM »


Please only post this info on the "Sign Up" thread only.
This thread is only for news, updates, locations and directions.

Thank you!


This is the info that would be appreciated...

1. Are you interested in attending this West Coast GTG?

2. If so how many people in your party?

3. Should we have a "Bring Your Own Food", "Community Grill", or a "Pot Luck" style food setup? This will be constructed as lunch or dinner, depending on response, and the times this event will go to. Maybe a meet up at the dealership, head out for lunch somewhere as a group, then drive together as a group down PCH, then have dinner on or near the beach.

4. Where will you be coming from? Remember this event is open to ALL tek owners near or far. come one, come all...

5. Are you interested in camping or staying in a hotel overnight till Sunday? This is helpul to know if I need to make group arrangements in a camping site by the beach, or a local beach hotel near PCH Newport, Sunset, Bolsa, or Huntington beaches. Camping is obvioulsy cheaper but we will see the response.. Maybe a mixture.. This is also helpful depending on where people might be travelling from.

6. Are you interested in helping out, organizing, obtaining support ect..? The first 2 or 3 people who can promise 100% effort are auto filled for this vacancy. After we fill these sports, everyone else just post your interest and enjoy the festivities. And even if the sports are filled, yet you can help get sponsor support of some kind, let me know. I am just thinking myself and 2 or 3 people will be good handling a smaller event like this.. Too many people with different ideas might make it confusing..

7. And finally for now, year, color, and name if applicaple of your Tek?

Once we get this flowing... There will be final plans narrowed down, such as times, food, stay overnight "yes or "no, ect.. ect..

Let's make this a nice fun event for you or the whole family...And most important, let's show the West Coast that the Aztek is here and it's great!

Thanks, Web (Rod)
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« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2004, 06:16:32 AM »


1. I am going to move the sign up sheet to a new thread, and leave this one strictly for news, locations, directions and updates on the event. This way this thread does not get cluttered and cause confusion. So if your signing up and want to fill out the form, please do so on the other thread. You will also find more info about this event on AztekRally.org under "West Coast Rally".

2. I am also going to create a new thread for questions, comments or suggestions, thus also eliminating clutter and confusion. You can post all these things in that particular thread only please.


Starting contacting local well know charities for this event, when there is a lock on one it will be posted here. Hope to have a successful and fun event and help raise money for a good cause. Have also started to prepare a list of sponsors and local Pontiac dealerships where this event will be held.

This is the plan as of now...

We will be meeting on Aug. 28th or Sept. 4th (both fall on a Saturday) This will be decided by weekends end.

We will be meeting at 11AM at a local mall in Southern California, in the San Gabriel Valley. This will either be Puente Hills Mall in City of Industry, or Westfield Shopping Mall in West Covina

From there we will have a group cruise to the local Pontiac dealership. This will be one of 4 locations that will be announced once locked. Once at the dealership the plan is to have banners and signs attracting people to join in and learn about the Tek and have fun. We are trying for food and drinks provided by the dealership, which will be lunch. Also we are attempting to get as many sponsors as possible for a raffle of prizes which proceeds will be going to the named charity. So obviously the more people the better, and it's going to a good cause. We are also trying to get a representative from the charity to be on site as well.

We are also trying to obtain sponsorship for giveways such as hats, shirts, and stickers. I am designing the material to be printed which will bear a West Coast Aztek design. We are also trying to get the dealership to put on an event such as an Aztek demo. This will attract new buyers. We will be at the dealership for a few hours. Times will be posted once locked.  

From the dealership we will head out as a group to PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and cruise along the beaches of Newport, Huntington, Sunset, and Seal. This will happen most likely opposite order from what's listed, so we end up in Newport Beach. We can either all get something to eat, or have a community BBQ with some of use bringing grills or using the fire pits at the beach. Now where we are at there are campsites on the beach, as well as hotels. So depending on how many of use there are, and where people are traveling from, we can arrange a group discount at one or the other, or a mixture. And obviously you don't have to stay if you don't want to. This event will go into the early to late evening based on response.  

Now this is very important....

If for some reason the response is not what is can be.. We will most likely have to just do the PCH part of this plan. As the sponsors, charity and dealership will not sign on if there is not enough response. A few Teks is not enough, we need you to commit to coming to this fun event.

Stay tuned for more updates as they are available.

And if your signing up, please do so on the signup thread, and if you have any questions or comments, please post those on the questions thread or email me.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing everyone...

WebWizard (Rod)
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« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2004, 12:54:40 AM »

The official date for the West Coast GTG is August 28th 2004. This is 18 days away. So please sign up in the sign in sheet ASAP!

The start time as of right now is 11AM (could change to a bit earlier)  

We will be meeting and then heading out at either Puente Hills Mall (City of Industry) or Westfield Shopping Center Mall (West Covina)

I have had 7 Tek owners email me confirming arrival, I have also had 2 maybe's.

So far only 1 of you has filled out the sign up sheet. I need everyone to fill this form out, it's very important.


As much as I regret having to say this... Especially seeing as I have contacted over 60 Tek owners...

The response is just not what it needs to be for anyone (dealers, sponsors) to sign on. We will need much more activity for this type of an event. Hopefully in the near future we will start planning a full weekend rally for the entire West Coast. And we will have many more "Get Togethers" on a regular basis.

We will still be meeting and having a cruise together down PCH and having a beach BBQ. We will have planned activities and it will be a fun family event. So please show your support and show up. So come out and support the West Coast and the Aztek. If you need to camp there, or get a hotel room let me know. I know some of you have mentioned an interest in this.

More news to follow soon...

« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2004, 11:15:16 PM »

Meeting News

Since this will be a small GTG this is the plan...

August 28th 2004

We are meeting at 10AM at the Westfield Shopping Plaza in West Covina (The West Covina Mall, in the San Gabriel Valley. We will be meeting near "Chevy's Restraunt", which is near the Vincent Ave. exit, off the 10 freeway.

We will then be cruising down to the beach on PCH to show off the Aztek. We will end up at Sunset Beach were we will be eating lunch at "Super Mex". Then we will just hang out and have fun.  

Bring your family and friends...

Remember to beach clothing.. more to come....
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« Reply #5 on: August 27, 2004, 04:36:44 PM »


Date: August 28th
Time: 10AM PST
Location: Westfield Shopping Center (West Covina Mall)

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« Reply #6 on: August 27, 2004, 04:58:04 PM »


"This event is tomorrow"

Date: August 28th
Time: 10AM PST
Location: Westfield Shopping Center (West Covina Mall)

We will be meeting at the Westfield Shopping Center (West Covina Mall) near Chevy's Restaurant parking lot. There is a mattress store right there where the parking lot is located. This is inside the actual mall parking lot on the North East end. This is located near the Vincent Ave. 10 Freeway exit. We will be meeting at 10AM and from there will be cruising down to PCH to show off the Aztek. We will be ending up at Sunset Beach. We will be eating lunch at Super Mex on PCH. I think they accept cash only so please be prepared, just incase. Food is not expensive there. We will then be hanging out at the beach and just having some fun for a few hours.

If you need to make arrangments to stay overnight there are plenty of hotels right there were we will be located. They average on the higher end at an average of $85-$110 + a night because of the beach location. Otherwise if you need other arrangements please let me know ASAP as I can help find you something within your price range or comfort needs.

Here are some tips for the beach...

Bring lot's of Sun Screen, Water, Snacks, Shorts, Beach Clothing, Towels, Sand Toys for the kids, Umbrella's, Folding Chairs, Sandals, and any other items you might need.

Since this is a small GTG I am asking to please contact me by email, or post on the signup sheet, that you will in fact be attending this event. I know some of you were traveling a longer distance than others, and I want to make sure this event is still something you can attend. So once again.. I can't stress enough the importance of you contacting me or posting that you will be showing up at the meeting point.


WestField Shopping Center
112 Plaza Drive
West Covina, CA
CA 91790


Click Here for Map Link

Click on the map link above for driving diections from your location.

Hope to see you there...

PS.. If you can't make it to this event, we will be having more events in the future. Things that are in the works are including.. Carlsbad, and BigBear Lake. Stay tuned for more Rally's and GTG's on the West Coast.


West Coast Rally News
West Coast Rally Community
West Coast Rally Sign Up Sheet
West Coast Rally General Info

« Reply #7 on: August 28, 2004, 08:33:56 AM »

Well today is the day.. I will be honest in saying I have not gotten the response I was hoping for. And for the most part if no one shows up, it's still an excuse to go to the beach, even if it's just me.   Tongue

The map links did not work above but you can just open your favorite mapping program, like yahoo or mapquest, all the same.. and type in the address to the mall I added above.

We will be there at 10AM and will be leaving about 11AM the latest to head out to Sunset Beach. Just incase you want to meet us at the beach we will be directly in front of the Ramada Sunset Beach. This is on the corner of PCH and Warner Ave. You can easily get a map to this location by going to..


And going to locations and clicking on "Sunset Beach". This will bring up the Ramada we will be in front of. There is a small parking lot facing the water. This parking lot pretty much seperates the sand and the hotel. There is also a Jack In The Box directly on the corner right next to the hotel as a land marker on Warner Ave. You will not miss this spot, it's very easy to find...

I am thinking we will be at this location sometime around 12 Noon if traffic is in our favor. We will be taking the...

10 FWY West
605 FWY South
405 FWY South
Beach Blvd. Exit (make right)
Pacific Coast Highway (make right)
Warner Ave. (make left / pull past Jack in the Box / make quick right)

From there will be the parking lot to the left, hotel underground parking would be to the right...

Some of you were meeting at the mall, some were meeting as we pass on the freeway.. We will see who shows up...

After this we hope to grow these events and the West Coast Azteks.. There are plans for Carlsbad and Big Bear Lake for later times.. Hopefully with more notice for everyone..

Well.. 2.5 hours till we meet.. So see you there, or not see you there  :blink:

Web  :cooldude:
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