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Author Topic: Driver Side Carpet Soaked  (Read 2346 times)
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« on: February 21, 2013, 03:57:06 PM »

The front carpet on the driver side of my 02 tek was completely soaked (everything else was dry).  No rain today but a lot last week.  Forgot to say I don't have a sunroof and haven't ran the air since November.

Update: it started raining last night and its soaked again.  I vacuumed up all the water yester day and completely dried it out.  It's only wet under the floormat, not near the pedals, and only slightly damp near the door.

Update 2:  we got more ran over the weekend, and the carpet was completely soaked.  I did notice that there is water coming in trunk between the plastic molding on the drivers side on the seam that is near the hatch and tailgate.   I also found that the back seat latch on the floor was completely flooded.  I noticed a lot of debris around the drivers side tail light (just above the upper screw), and it was wedged under the weather stripping.  I cleaned that all out.  I need to run a hose over it and see if it still leaks.
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