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Author Topic: Vibration  (Read 1675 times)
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« on: February 12, 2004, 05:50:22 PM »

I bought my Tek (03 used) about a month ago. . . I love the car, even bought it a new set of Toyo 800 Ultras (100K tires) I kept feeling a slight vibration that I assumed was a out of balance tire. I decided to put about 300 miles on them to let them kinda get in the groove untill my wife kept telling me that there was a noise comming from the front wheels. Finally I heard it, sounded like a loose brake pad so I decided I would take it in and get the vibration fixed and find out what was making that noise. Well the vibration was from 2 bent wheels, not bad but bad enough to move them to the rear, fixed that. However I need a couple of 16 inch cast wheels so if any of you wheel changers have a pair of true wheels please let me know befiore rotation time. . . Now the good part, the noise. . . Turned out these cars use a little metal anti-rattle clip about the size of my thumb nail, they were either broke or missing. Fine put on some new pads right. . . Wrong. . . You have to buy pads from the dealer to get the clips. . . So my front brake job ended up costing me about 250.00 without turning the roters. I dont mind not turning the roters as they were OK and didnt need turning. Now 250 bucks later at 26K miles I had to replace the pads with factory pads just to get those clips. The guy said that it looked like I would be back again as it was a pretty poor design. Anyone know of a brake upgrade (no Anti lock) for this car that I dont have to worry about???
   Now the car drives like new very quit and the only noise now is the blower fan which is a story for another day. . . But I love my car. . The mechanic also admitted how much he hated them untill he drove mine. Matter of fact he took all the guys in the shop to lunch in it and now they are all converts. Everyone was all over me when I returned to pick it up. All loved it. COOL. :woo:  :code7:  :wub:  
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