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Author Topic: Uper rear thingy with bushings - LOL  (Read 1984 times)
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« on: August 16, 2011, 09:01:51 PM »

Guys forgive me as I have never owned an Aztek until 1 week ago.

I will give you a little rundown on my situation.

Purchased a 2004 Rally AWD with 102 000 KM for $3800 CND from my wife's co-worker, an accountant. He told us the truck was in great shape and it did seam so except for an ABS and 4x4 Tranny light on, so I decided to just purchase it without inspection.

I went to GM and purchased $540.00 worth of tranny oil, filter, gasket, engine oil, filter, spark plugs and wires and air filter.

I installed the spark plugs an wires....took me 6 hours because I didn't want to turn over the engine. Later decided to let a mechanic do the rest of the work like dumping the tranny. When he began the work, he went through problems that the truck had and it tuns out it had about $3k of repairs. He said to return the truck and not to waste my money repairing it. I should get a Honda CR-V instead...

I called up my wife's co-worker and told him the situation and he waived the $3k payment we owed him and told us to repair the truck since we liked it and it would save him head aces from taking it back and trying to sell it as parts. We sure were happy and pleased he did this to solve the problem.

The visual diagnostic was as follows:
- there was a slack in the transfer case when rotating the front drive shaft.
- ABS light was on
- 4X4 light was on
- 2 seals were leaking on the rear diff
- every time I would brake, there was a thump at the rear felt wheel like a caliper was jamming and not letting go of the disc in time.

Monday morning I bring it to a tranny/transfercase/diff guru garage to have them dump the tranny, engine oil and fix all the drivetrain parts needed the codes would pull up.

Today I get a almost final bill except for one part the drive shaft that is being brought in from the scrap yard and hopefully will be in great shap for $550.00.

Turns out the following WAS really defective:

- ABS and 4x4 light were pulling codes saying the front left wheel bearing and sensor were bad.
- the slack in the transfer case was really a slack in the front drive shaft. Something to do with balls turning in a slider and were really loose. The transfer case has about 2 mm of slack which was totally normal according to the tranny mechanic.
- the thump in the rear was some suspension upper arm that looked like a U. The bushings were finished and he said it was $500.00 a side from GM or $350 to rebuild but with better bushings than the OEM ones. I need both rears repaired. That's about $1k+!!! now this is my question. Is there a way around this?

I really love this truck and am doing all possible repairs to make it new again. I can't wait to drive it again. Hopefully the drive shaft is ok and it will be fixed in one day.


2004 Pontiac Aztek Rally AWD Black
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« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2011, 07:46:01 AM »

Wow, great first post gdl357! Welcome, welcome!!!
Gald you've joined and are keeping your Aztek going! AWESOME.

Post often and enjoy the site.

One Aztek Can Make A Difference.
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