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Author Topic: Strut and Shock Recommendations  (Read 1842 times)
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Have I figured this out yet?

« on: December 08, 2012, 03:46:13 PM »

I have a 2001 'Tek, FWD, GT model (16 inch rims), standard rear suspension.  I need to replace the struts and shocks all around and am looking for recommendations / advice.

I don't go off-road (not on purpose, anyway;)) and drive smooth but fast on the open road.  The original set was fine in terms of the balance between ride quality and handling.  I wouldn't mind trading a snitch of ride quality for a bit of responsiveness, but on the whole, duplicating the original set would be OK by me also.

Like everyone else, I suppose, I wouldn't mind spending less than factory OEM parts cost, as long as ride/handling isn't compromised.

I do have a specific question that perhaps someone could answer:

Rock Auto has two AC Delco struts for the Aztek:


One, the premium gas strut lists for $60.00.
The other, no description, pushes $120.00.

Is the higher-priced one the factory OEM and the other the factory supplier after-market replacement?  If so, without getting into adjustable shocks, what would be more premium for AC Delco than premium gas struts? Or..

Is the former for the active component (the shock part) only while the second the whole strut/shock assembly? If so, is it a pain to swap the new shock into the old strut and is there a good reason _not_ to do so?



2001 Aztek GT FWD
Goes by the name of 'Stella.'
Sunroof, D.I.C., Leather Seats, 6-CD / 10 Speaker Pioneer System
A bit "throatier" exhaust system, otherwise stock.
A shade over 210,000 miles
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