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Author Topic: Popping in rear of 02 TEK  (Read 1426 times)
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« on: January 31, 2010, 03:12:34 PM »

Hey all I am new here and have a problem. My wife's 2002 Verstrack AWD TEK is popping like crazy in the rear somewhere. It only does it at slow speeds such as 1-15mph and then completley goes away and we have the smoothest ride ever. When it is popping the ride is still very smooth but annoying as can be with all the popping. I listened last night and it sounds like it was coming from the passenger side rear but I cannot be certain. I lifted the truck up today and took the back passenger side tire off and played with the rotor for a second before noticing that I can rock the rotor back and forth just a little bit. Maybe moving it in and out about 1.5 cm maybe less maybe more. But is this normal on these vehicles? I drive a mustang and am usually very mechanically inclined but when I looked at her rear suspension I must say I am a little intemidated on messing around with it. Also I do need to change the breaks on her rear they are getting a little worn. But please if anyone has any info for me please let me know. The popping is loud inside the vehicle.
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