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Author Topic: Caliper Replacement Needed?  (Read 2138 times)
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« on: September 03, 2010, 08:49:13 AM »

Hey Everyone,

My tek is technically not due for another brake job as there is a good amount of life left on the pads.  The problem I am finding is the inside of the rotor on both sides of the vehicle are becoming heavily worn while the outside( the side you see when you look at the car) has experienced minimal wear.

When the brakes were done at 75K, the guide pins were all lubed and the seals were checked for cracks or if they were worn.  Any hardware was replaced and everything tightened to torque specs.  At around 95K I re-lubed the guide pins again and the seals were holding tight. 

I now have 105k and its not getting any better.  Could it be a failing caliiper(s)?   If not, any other ideas on what could be causing this.   When i do brake, I get the pulsing sensation initially and lately I've has to apply more pressure (likely due to the way the rotors are wearing)

I am running ATE brake pads and rotors as an FYI

Hoping for another 100k! :mellow:
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« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2011, 10:22:07 AM »

Hi marcwsu

We had same problem with the inside of rotors wearing (rotting?).

To fix that we went with a good quality rotor, re-lubed pins and ceramic pads (we like em).

All said it would be a good idea to replace the calipers and flex lines if not done before.

Good luck

Yellow 2002 1SB FWD
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