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Author Topic: BrickHouse chunks a tire  (Read 1469 times)
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« on: January 20, 2005, 01:07:12 PM »

The day before yesterday (Tuesday) I noticed Lynne's tek had a flat tire, LF.  I inflated it w/ the compressor I carry in the Mach 5, but I noticed the tire had some bad sidewall wear.  We must have run over something on Sunday driving home from my brother's about 45min. away, or she may have going to work.  The sidewall had a worn band like the tire had been riding very low, and the outer edge was very worn too.  I was very concerned, but I figured I'd have it patched that night, swap it to the rear, and we'd get a new one in a couple months when *ahem* "time" allows.

No no; Sears showed me the tire once they got it off, and there were several spots where all the rubber was *gone*, steel belts showing thru!!  Shocked  Scared the pellets outta me when I saw it!

Now I'm stuck buying a new tire; I'm thinking eBay, but then she'll have 2 mismatched tires in the back.  My request of you all is thus: if anyone feels like they might be getting rid of their factory Firestone Wilderness HT in the 215/65-16 size, please let me know!  I might buy 1 or 2, as long as they're in good shape (=1/2 tread depth or better, no bulges or bad wear).  Hopefully in the next week or so, otherwise I'll have to buy an oddball eBay tire.

Thanks in advance!


Lynne, Gus, & Sofia
Maple Red 01 GT- "BrickHouse"
3-spokes; Sunroof; Cargo Tray; Traction Control; CD/Cassette/10-speaker; Dual-Zone Climate; DIC; Steering Wheel/Cargo Area Audio; Camping Package
Maroon/gray leather steering whl cover, red/CF pedals, door edge moldings, splash guards, MagnetBra, red cone filter, GT tail badge, red tire valve caps, black brake drums, red calipers, window VentVisors, sunroof visor
Chicago-ish, IL
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