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Author Topic: Aztek "Service Traction System" and ABS Disable with brake shudder  (Read 255 times)
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« on: July 05, 2019, 08:24:31 AM »


Newbie to posting on the board, but long-time Aztek owner and shade tree mechanic and board lurker. Wanted to provide feedback on this problem and how I resolved it.  Surely some will need it going forward.

Problem started with the Service Traction System light and disabling of the ABS system while turning to the extreme left. Restarts of car cleared every time, not so common, so I poked around for info without any urgency.

Rate of incidence started increasing, and it began to occur on mild left turns, sometimes while sitting in the parking lot w/o moving forward or reverse (but turning left).  This last part made me think it was the driver side front ABS harness/connector or speed sensor.  Quickly after that it started turning on when I thought about turning left... OK, not really that bad, but any left motion would trigger it.  This played out over 6 months.

I looked around for a BluTooth OBD II adapter and Android app combo to read the ABS error code, but wasn't willing to spend $25+ on software to see if something would work on the Aztek.  (I do have the OBD II adapter - that's great with Torque app.  ** If you know of an Android app that reads Aztek ABS codes, please add a new topic post for that info or provided it to me so I can do so. **)

I finally gave in and took it to a trusted shop to read the ABS codes.  They gave me this nugget, which is the whole point of the post:

          "The Azteks and Rendezvous ABS problems are usually harness-related
          due to it not being quite long enough to handle the steering
          system turns. What they'd found was a left turn causing the issue
          was usually the right-wheel harness connector pulling partially or
          fully loose.  He said it would be easy to diagnose in a couple of minutes.
          If the ABS error says right wheel sensor, it's the harness. If it says
          left wheel, it's like the left wheel sensor."

It was the harness on the right side just as he said.  Unfortunately for me, I told him to make it go away without asking price... his price for the harness was $125 with $75 diagnosis and labor. I'd priced the kit online for the harness and sensor at $25 plus shipping.  Total bill was shop's $225, problem solved, no add'l time required so... good enough.

So there you are... hope this info is helpful to somebody.
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« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2019, 08:41:41 AM »

Not sure what you priced out, but the sensor is not serviceable outside of wheel bearing replacement. Now the harness on the other hand, is serviceable. One thing to watch out for if doing a harness replacement though, the only harness I have seen use copper wires is the OE/AC Delco harness. The aftermarket harnesses use aluminum wires which I do not recommend using due to the difference in resistance. The ABS system is a touchy system, I have seen even good aftermarket wheel bearings pose problems with unwanted ABS activation and codes set.
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