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Author Topic: Timing Cover/Oil Pan Gasket Replacement Help  (Read 756 times)
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04 silver aztek
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« on: August 18, 2016, 09:25:05 PM »

Two months ago my 04 Aztek overheated and I found water in the oil AND oil in the water.  So I tore it down to the block and did a head gasket replacement.  Got it back together, and found water was still getting in the oil pan.  So I tore it down and re-did the LIM and put silicone on he LIM this time.  Still getting water i research and found the timing cover was a possibility.  So I took it off, got it all cleaned and now can't get it back on.  I can't get the timing cover pushed down to slip over the pins that stick out from the timing cover rail. 

So, I figure I'll just drop the oil pan, put the timing cover on, and install the oil pan.  I did a search here and google trying to see what I'm up against and found out the oil pan has 6 bolts in the side that bolt to the main caps.  I just assumed you could brace the motor from the top, drop the pan, install new gaskets, and put it back together.  One site I found says you have to drop the frame (cross member) first.  Is there room between the pan and frame to get to the side bolts.  Any suggestions or tips?

I had gotten a couple quotes to do the job and was shocked to hear 7-8 hrs and $700-900 - especially since I have it half torn apart.  Now I know why...  I've worked on my own cars for 30+ yrs so I know I can do the job - I just don't want to spend days trying to figure it out.  Thanks.

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« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2016, 12:12:18 AM »

Hi Eric,
   not be to pessimistic, but how do you know you don't have a cracked head or block? Usually, replacing the LIM and the head gaskets are fairly straight forward, especially, if you used the updated felpro gaskets. I'm not sure how the timing cover gets water into the oil since I don't think there are any water galleries that go through the timing cover.
   You might consider taking your heads to a head shop to check for cracks. A couple other thoughts - I've read a couple of posts about putting RTV sealant on the head and LIM bolts as added protection because those bolt holes run close to some water galleries. Another thing that happened to me is that I didn't installed the head guide pins in correctly, and when I put the head on, it wouldn't seal properly. Did you clean out the valve push rods - I used a syringe with oil to clean them out. Lastly, did you run new oil through the system, and change the oil filter a couple of times - when my LIM failed, I drained the pan, added new oil , drained it, added new oil and filter, ran it for a little while, drained it again -  new oil and filter and finally changed the oil again at a 1000 miles.
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