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Author Topic: Convert 4t60e into a 4t65e?  (Read 1212 times)
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« on: May 14, 2015, 11:11:49 PM »

Ok, so i replaced 4 clutch hub, 4 clutch, and all the solenoids on my valve body a while back.  Well now i think my torque convertor is going bad.  It shutters when climbing hills,  can't complain I'm at 230,000 mi with an original trans and only the work listed above has been done to it. But if I'm pulling the trans for a convertor, I'm just going to replace the trans, seeing as it's so old.

So i found a guy at work with a powertrain from a 98 venture with 102,000mi on it. He blew the trans towing with it at 80,000, had it rebuilt, drove it to 102,000, and pulled it when the body rotted to far. So i bought it, now i find out its a 4t60e not a 4t65e. I know they are very similar,  the question i have is how similar? The 60 has a 7 pin connector coming out of the side cover along with a vacuum line. The 65 has a 20 pin connector with 14 pins  being used.

Call me crazy but can i just swap the valve body and side cover from my 65 to the 60 and run with it? I have never herd of anyone doing it.  Any insight appreciated.


2002 Aztek FWD. Light sawdust metallic.
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