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Author Topic: 2004 Aztek AWD - Stalling occasionally when accelerating from stop  (Read 1260 times)
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« on: August 18, 2017, 08:08:13 AM »

My 2004 AWD Aztek has started to occasionally stall when accelerating rapidly from a stop, if I 'punch it' a little bit. Slow gradual acceleration from standing-stop, no stall. Never stalls at any other times, runs without problems in all other driving modes. Starts normally, great acceleration on the road, 17mpg city, otherwise a normal running Tek.

I've had 2 Firestone shops and my local GM dealer try to identify the problem, with no success. Items replaced and tested include throttle position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, idle air control motor, on and on. Wiring harness and grounding wires inspected, all the usual suspects. Same behavior on premium and regular gas, and even after comprehensive tune-up, new plugs, wires. Fuel pressure okay, fuel filters replaced - no joy, no improvement. And, before anyone asks - no codes after it happens, the modern mechanic's bane.

The chumps were stumped, despite their best efforts. Being an intermittent problem doesn't help, i.e. only stalls now and then. And, to their credit, the shops didn't charge me for all the parts they threw at it, so good on them.

While I've come to drive more smoothly, carefully, and slowly in my older age, there are times when a driver needs to accelerate rapidly from a stop. Is this another of the accursed Aztek 'quirks"?

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« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2018, 09:22:46 PM »

I've been having a similar sort of issue with mine, but it's no longer intermittent..  anyway after doing much of what you did, I finally came to the conclusion based on my scan tool readings that it is a vacuum leak.  Of course I checked all the obvious places, and found nothing.  Just today I took the EGR valve off.  Kinda a pain, but I didn't have to rotate the engine and apparently my fingers are long enough to reach that inner bolt..

While in there I noticed, by accident, that all the upper intake manifold bolts were barely tighter than by hand.  I've never had that plenum off, so maybe they just worked loose from time and the 225K miles it's got on it.  I tightened the bolts so, after I get the new EGR valve and put it on, we'll see if that helps.

Something simple and free to check.
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