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Author Topic: Newfie Hauler Trivia Instructions, Updated for Round IV 9/9/06  (Read 3991 times)
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Newfie Hauler
« on: September 20, 2005, 12:39:46 PM »

Newfie Trivia is back in business.  I ask that you please follow the instructions, if you choose to participate.  NOTE: Changes were made to item #4 (8/1/06) and #8 on 8/3/06.

1. The biggest key to answering these questions is to read the question very carefully, but being careful not to read too much into it.  Then following the directions as to what is being asked for, as we have had another string of answers that did not really seem to fit the format of the question.
2. Only one answer allowed per member, per question.  Everyone has a right to post what they feel is the correct answer, without being criticized for it.
3. All site rules apply.
4. Questions will be kept open for at least 24 hours from the time they are posted (I will extend that time if no correct answers are received).  I will not confirm the answer until the question has been closed.  That will allow plenty of time for all to answer the question.  The first person to answer the question correctly will receive full credit for answering it correctly.  I will vary the times that the questions are posted, to give everyone a chance to answer them.  In the event that no one correctly answers a question in a 48 hour period (unless I extend it longer), the question will be closed, points moved the unanswered question points category (see instruction 10 for their use) and I will select the next category.  If the question has more than one correct answer, other members that answer it correctly will received credit as well.
5. Points will be posted according to the owner’s screen name in a separate post in this forum.
6. Address any appeals regarding answers to Newfie Hauler by email, PM or on-line chat.
7. When considering source material to answer questions, please consider your source.  I attempt to find an official Pontiac source to develop my questions.
8. The questions are divided up into categories.  I will name the first question's category and the winner of each question after that names the category of the following question.  The categories to pick from are located in a separate post that is locked and stuck in the Newfie Trivia forum.  Once the winner has been announced for the question (in the case of multiple winners, the first person with the correct answer will get to select), they can reply back as to the next category topic.  I would ask that you keep an eye on this game frequently to verify if you are a winner and can select a category.  So far this seems to be working fine.  However, to make sure that the game keeps moving, if I have not heard from the winner within 24 hours of the post being closed, I will select the next category.  That winner can still email me a suggested category and I will offer up another question for members to answer.  No reason we can't have more than one question going at once.
9. Double Bonus Question:  A deck of cards will be shuffled and cut once (total card count - 50 cards) with one card being removed for each question that is asked. When an Ace appears the points available for the question are doubled.  So that more people can take advantage of the bonus I am thinking that when I post the question, I will advise that it is a double bonus and members will email or PM me their answers.  All of the answers will be posted once the question is closed and all those that answered correctly will get credit. 
10. Random Wager Question: When one of the Jokers appears, it will signal a Random Wager Question.  I will advise that this question is a random wager one and will remind everyone what the category is, but will not provide the question.  Everyone who wants to participate will then post how much they want to wager.  You can wager up to your entire point total or 20 points, whichever is higher.  You will have 24 hours from the time that post is made to place your wager.  Once the question is posted no more wagers will be accepted and you cannot withdraw your wager.  Then you will have 24 hours to answer the question, again by email/PM.  All answers will be posted when the question is closed.  Winners will be awarded the points they wagered and those that don't win, will have the points deducted.  Yes, that does mean that some individuals can have a negative point total.  If you wager points and fail to reply to the question once it is posted, it will be treated as an incorrect answer and those points will be deducted.  The final Random Bonus (wherever it may appear) will also award the accumulated unanswered questions points.

Last Updated: 09/09/06 (Added text to instruction #10 (in bold font))
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