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Author Topic: Looking for two wires into the CAN Bus for a 2003 Aztek  (Read 743 times)
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« on: May 17, 2017, 12:15:41 PM »

Hello, I looking to find where in my 2003 Aztek I can find entry points into the CAN Bus (for sniffing) besides the OBDII port (as this is not a true tap into the CAN bus).

From my research it seems it would be 2 wires, a CAN-High, and a Can-Low line. The voltages on these lines should be 2.5V when idle. And have a difference of around 2V when active. Also should read a resistance of 60 ohms if measured between the two wires (CAN Bus uses 2 termination resistors at 120 Ohms).

When glancing around at wiring diagrams, I noticed that starting at 2004, I saw references on the diagrams to "GMLAN" wires, leading me to believe they replaced their existing system with their own proprietary network protocol.

My main goal in this post is to reach out and see what information about this people have already in hopes that I might more easily figure out what I am doing. There's a possibility that this 2003 Aztek does not actually use the standard CAN bus and may be different than other cars. Anyways, I am looking for as much information as you can tell me.

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