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Author Topic: Back mystery wire/cable on passenger side of engine compartment?  (Read 1007 times)
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« on: July 23, 2017, 06:07:12 PM »

I've recently inherited a 2001 Aztek.  I had to replace the battery a couple of days ago and found a heavy black wire/cable that is not connected to anything.  I'm supposing it shouldn't just be floating around in there, enough though it does not seem to be live.  I don't want to try to connect it anywhere until I know for sure what it is.

Standing in front of the car and looking into the engine bay, it is a heavy black cable that comes out of the passenger side firewall along with a similarly heavy red wire/cable, easily seen in the open space to the right of the alternator.  The red cable snakes under the fuse box, along the right fender to a square 100a circuit breaker fuse just at the back of the headlight.  The black wire/cable also feeds under the fuse  box and has a fairly large eye on it.  

I would attach pictures here to help identify the location but I can't figure out how.

And this is a FWD car, with heads up display, sunroof, tow package, heated seats, 6 disc changer, maybe some other options?  Everything seems to be working properly except the wonky gas gauge.

FOUND MY ANSWER:   Pontiac dealer says it's a ground wire for an aftermarket modification.  Probably was there for something that is no longer in the car like an amplifier or something -- nothing to worry about.
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