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Author Topic: Electrical Troubleshooting Heads Up  (Read 1172 times)
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« on: April 19, 2009, 12:57:17 PM »

I was replacing the air filter yesterday on my Aztek and was reminded how important it it to carefully check the condition of the connector locking pins and tabs.  At some point during the Newfie's service life (most likely when the lower intake manifold was done), the must have broken the pin off of the MAF sensor.  Thankfully, it managed to have stayed put in the 40,000 some odd miles since it was done.  When I went to put it back together, though I did not have a ton a confidence it would stay put. 

This friendly piece of advice might help you in diagnosing reoccurring problems.  If you have a repair done that involves an electrical part replacement or something new appears that could have an electrical problem as its source, this might be worth checking out.  In many instances you will find on the Aztek that in order to get at the component you want to repair, you have to remove several other items to get at it.  I suspect in my case that someone's haste in separating that connector broke that tab.  A little vibration or tension to allow that connector to separate and that device could lose power/its signal.

This is a very simple initial check and in many cases easy enough to fix.

Hope this helps someone here.

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