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Title: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: Tom Moog on March 25, 2014, 01:10:42 PM
Here is an idea I got from another site. It's basically a "Fireside chat" type of thread. Talk to us over your morning coffee and tell us what's new in your life. Of course, it doesn't have to be in the morning and you don't have to drink coffee.  I'll get started...

This morning, I got to hang out with my kids. My wife went to a meeting and I watched the morning news. I am sort of puzzled by the weather we are having this year. Tee shirts and shorts one day and snow the next. The biggie here is the snow. I live in North Carolina... We might get a combined snowfall of 5 inches over a period of 5 years, which leaves an average of one inch per year. More realistically, it is none on some years and maybe a couple of 1 inchers in other years.

Now, as I look back over the years, the ONLY years we get any measurable "fun" snow are the years that I do NOT own a 4x4 of any kind. I LOVE to go out in the snow in a 4x4 and meet with friends at the "Waffle House" (Waffle House is like a diner for you Northerners.)

I enjoyed 2 cups of my favorite Dunkin Donuts coffee in the recliner... The recliner that has a broken shifter, so I can't shift into "Feet Up" mode. I really need to fix that.

We managed to sell both Prisuses (Prii?) yesterday. The same guy bought both cars... so they have a his and hers Prius. Odd, but if that's their thing... The front yard looks a bit spartan now that 2 of our cars missing from the parking lot. (Yes, I have a "Parking Lot". When you have 6 vehicles, a driveway just doesn't work.)

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: Mazo57 on March 25, 2014, 10:39:23 PM
How about I respond around midnight over some chips and salsa?

I'm a freshman at Texas A&M, as you may have seen me mention before and I'm proud of it! This semester has been pretty good to me so far, nothing too challenging. I took the Tek over for an oil change today since it was begging for me to add some not too long ago and it was time anyway.

Then I tried to take one of my door panels off but it defeated me, I gave up because I didn't want to break it. I gotta say, my customizing has increased dramatically since the site came back up and I could make a profile. It seems like half of my days is just trawling through old threads now that I can SEARCH the vast array of posts.

So anyway, this site has started to consume my life, not much else going one right now.

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: Tom Moog on March 26, 2014, 08:15:18 AM
Chips and salsa are great!

Good morning all. Today I am mentally re-capping yesterday. My chance to bring an Aztek into the family once again has come and gone. We went out in search of a vehicle that would accommodate our entire family of 6, with a 7th due later this year. With no option for a third row seat, the Aztek was out this time... We went out and looked at a Chrysler minivan... Town and Country. I like buying from guys like this. He had receipts for every single service ever done on the van. It is clean and looks great, save for a small dent on the hood where his daughter backed into it... No biggie. I have a buddy with a body shop.

The van has 137K on the clock but ran and drove like a brand new one. Quiet, drove straight with no vibrations. Engine oil was clean but not new. Transmission fluid was perfect. So...

I offered him 3k for it. He looked at me like I was stupid and counter offered 3200. I jumped all over it. So here's where the fun begins...

Up and to this point, everyone was healthy and happy. My wife turned sick all of a sudden. She was barfing over the banister of the guys front porch and all over his flowers... Mind you, this is in an upper-class suburban subdivision... I am POSITIVE that there is some verbiage in the homeowners' association's bylaws that prohibit such activity... She vomited all over the guys yard repeatedly. His wife came out with some grocery bags for her and a Gatorade. She staggered about the property for HOURS while we tried to figure out what to do. We were an hour and a half from home with a van full of kids who were quite tired of being buckled in.

We ended up getting the title notarized and leaving the van in his driveway. We are going to go to the DMV and then go back to pick it up today. I hope it isn't something in his yard that caused all of this... I don't need her to get out of the car and start blowing chunks again. I am SURE the guy has been outside with a pressure washer this morning and I can GUARANTEE that he doesn't want to deal with us any more than he absolutely HAS to.

Meanwhile, the Wife's Mother is here this morning complaining that the oil pan fell off of her car. (Every time she has a problem, she thinks the oil pan fell off because some dude at the Wal Mart auto center told her that it was falling off...) Now this would be a great time to point out that I put a brand new engine into this car 2 days after she bought it. It has about 30k on it now. She NEVER has the oil changed (even though I constantly remind her to) and she sits outside in it for more than 2 hours a day smoking cigarettes while it is idling. Sometimes she forgets to turn it off and leaves it idling in the driveway all night.

I think I could use a vacation...

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: GTABill on March 26, 2014, 11:46:08 AM
Oh wow, you gotta love the "There's something wrong with the car" line and be suprised about it when you don't do any regular maintenance.

That being said, the Tek will turn 10 next month!  I remember the night we drove it off the lot brand new.  Drove it to all our families homes that were close by showing it off.  Ten years and 170K miles later, it fires right up and takes us to work everyday and except for some light hail damage and some small rock chips, it looks almost new after it receives a good scrubbing.  My son and I have started replacing front end pieces since it is showing signs of wear, but it still has the original shocks and struts (for now) and still rides really well.  I figure my next big project will be a tranny rebuild and when that happens, I'm going to have it rebuilt to HD standards as I am planning a motor swap somewhere down the road.  That way I won't have to worry about the tranny handling the extra power. ;D  Until then, I'm gonna freshen up the exterior and keep on proudly driving it.

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: Tom Moog on March 26, 2014, 03:42:11 PM
Here is my latest thought... Okay, afternoon coffee... So what! So we sold the Prii. We bought a Chrysler minivan. We are going to now sell the "Moog Motel" (See image below) and put the money with what we have left after the minivan purchase. We re going to buy a camping trailer and I am going to go buy a 3/4 ton or 1 ton pickup to tow it with.

Now, the only vehicle left original will be the Olds Intrigue. At this point, I am thinking that it might be time to sell that and go find just the right Aztek to replace it with since the mileage isn't that much different between them. Hmmm... So we will have: Chrysler Minivan, HD pickup truck and an Aztek... Sounds like a plan to me!

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: Mazo57 on March 26, 2014, 03:49:49 PM
More Azteks is never a bad idea! I was going to say you could get another unique vehicle-Subaru Baja- but it seems that would be pointless with a real truck.  I've recently thought that a Baja will be next vehicle, just to continue to stand out. Everyone here in TX drives big trucks and then there's just this little new-age El Camino, that's be interesting.

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: 97drexelgrad on March 26, 2014, 03:52:30 PM
But they stopped making the Baja a few years back too.

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: GTABill on April 21, 2014, 09:05:29 AM
Well it looks like spring has finally decided to stay here in KCMO area.  Broke out the lawn tractor and mowed for the first time this year.  The Tek has already had TWO washes (I hand wash all our vehicles) already and am looking forward to opening up the sunroof and enjoying the warmer air.  I know our rides are all older but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun with them, so does anyone have plans this year with their TEK?  Mine turned 10 this month, so it's bday present was the side decals from Scott.  I really like the way they look.  I am planning on customizing the tailights as well, so stay tuned.  Its gonna really get some mods in a couple of years hopefully with an engine swap and hopefully inbetween that time a custom dual exhaust and low restriction cat converter.  Its amazing that they still call these one of the ugliest cars.  If you were to smooth out the lines a little and do some updating, it would fit right in which tells me that once again Pontiac was ahead of its time.  An interesting tidbit some may not have known...............the project manager of the 2014 Stingray was the same guy that oversaw the Aztek.  If you look at the new vette you can see the similarities in the design thought with its sharper angles.

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: Tom Moog on April 21, 2014, 02:14:42 PM
I always thought the downfall of the Aztek was the cladding... Rounded flared fender openings and a bit of sweeping from front to back and it would have been a hit! [See: Aztek From Hell]. I just recently bought another vehicle, but still not the Aztek I had hoped I would find. I needed a truck this time. I look at my Olds Intrigue and think about selling that and getting a tek to replace it with. It may not be so far fetched...

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: GTABill on April 21, 2014, 09:24:40 PM
We've been getting  a lot of Teks at the auction. I saw a gold 03 go through with 223k on the odo and it sold for $1k. It sounded smooth still and really just needed some TLC and it probably wouldn't have been a bad vehicle.  Have also seen a couple of Rally editions go through as well.

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: ilikeeggs on May 06, 2014, 09:13:43 PM
Here is an idea I got from another site. It's basically a "Fireside chat" type of thread. Talk to us over your morning coffee and tell us what's new in your life. Of course, it doesn't have to be in the morning and you don't have to drink coffee.  I'll get started...

This is weird. Was the other site Cosmo?

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: ilikeeggs on May 06, 2014, 09:35:41 PM
Oops, my reply is stuck in the bottom of the quote box.   

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: Dave on May 13, 2014, 07:27:50 AM
'Morning from Toronto all! Sipping a tea and thought I'd drop in. Haven't been on the site in a while and spotted this thread - great idea Tom, although too bad about your poor wife on your van-buying trip! I'm happy to say that Blue is 11 years old as of this year (about 240,000 KM on her) and all is still running well - and she remains my absolute favourite ride ever, bar none. I've had to do the LIM gasket, some control arm bushings, steering rack, a water pump and the big ouch of rebuilding the transmission on 2011, other than that just usual stuff. I am a bit concerned on the tranny front, as a few times lately when I start from a standing stop, the Tek has hung then dropped into gear hard - did a tranny fluid change and seems better but I have a feeling decision time may be coming soon......But I really don't want to give her up, y'know? I honestly don't know what I'd replace her with, but doesn't make a lot of sense to drop $2600 to rebuild the tranny again on an 11-year old ride. Have to write up a post elsewhere about my newly weird speedometer too.....

On the non-Aztek side of life, my wife just got downsized, so the joys of belt-tightening have me working on summer family plans on a budget. The pop-up camper will be getting a lot of use (I guess as long as the tranny behaves LOL) - I noticed Brian was looking at heading to Cedar Point with the kids this year and would love to do that trip sometime. I took the kids down to Darien Lake (outside of Buffalo) last summer and camped for a couple of nights - actually, I remember that the site full of college kids next to us were all loving the Aztek too, especially when I showed the tailgate with the seats and cup holders :-).

Working from home today before I head off to the fracture clinic - dislocated my shoulder (just slipping on the ice like a dumbass) about 6 weeks ago, and today is the ultrasound to find out if I tore anything and need surgery. Don't think I have, physio has been going well, but really had no idea a dislocated shoulder can mess you up so much. Apparently that whole Mel Gibson/Lethal Weapon thing is good in the movies, not so much in real life LOL. Happy with the progress so far, but really just want to be fully back to normal, especially as we start getting the yard ready for summer. A friend at work was telling me about her sister and how she dislocated her shoulder the same week I did - but she has a much cooler story. She lives up north (waaay up north) and was out in her yard checking on her garden when a moose walked up behind her without her knowing - she sneezed and spooked the moose, and it kicked her oin the shoulder! Crazy, eh? He showed me the pic she sent of the moose foot-shaped bruise on her back - impressive stuff!

Well, that's all I got for now - have to log into the VPN and be productive now, but thanks for letting me ramble, and Tom, once again a huge thanks for everything you've done to spruce up the site, truly awesome stuff!!

Talk soon!

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: GTABill on June 14, 2014, 07:51:38 AM
Happy Flag Day!

I'm sitting here enjoying a perfect morning in the Show Me state and thinking about how thankful I am for the things and opportunities I have had throughout my life so far. It might sound corny but I feel that if more folks did this, maybe the majority wouldn't be so unfriendly to others. Yes the state of the world today is not good and it seems like that is all you hear and its all people want to talk about, but I tend to look at it a bit differently.  When I wake up each morning I know there are opportunities out there and that I just have to recognize them and seize that opportunity.  This is something every person can do IF they choose to do it and I have brought this up to many people I run into throughout my day.  Just a little background on me; I work at an auto auction in the operations department so I run into a lot of people and quite a few unhappy ones lol. These people look at me and say,"You don't know what its like to be like this!". I then proceed to explain to them that I lost my job of 15 years back in 2009 and stood right where they are as a temp employee and did what it took to get back to where I was in 09 and that it wasn't easy, but it can be just have to go do it.  I guess that makes me a glass half full guy.  When I got laid off I had one kid graduating high school and one starting, a mortgage and several bills. After some serious belt tightening (because we didn't have much savings) and focusing our resources, we still have everything we had back in 09 and never missed any bill payments or filed bankruptcy.  It wasn't easy and my wife took a 2nd job working evenings a few days a week for 3 years (for some reason no one would hire me for a PT job but i was working long hours as well) while I was working to get my salary back up.  Now I've got the youngest finishing his first year of college and the oldest is working full time and my wife and I now are starting to enjoy our evenings again at home. What the future hold, who knows.  I think I will deal with that tomorrow and tackle it head on.

So there ya go fellow Tekkers. The sun is shining here and the birds are singing.  Life ain't too bad and hopefully yours ain't too bad either. Remember that opportunities are out there for just gotta look for them.  Have a great day!!

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: 97drexelgrad on June 15, 2014, 07:25:33 AM
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  Relax and enjoy the day.

I off to go to a monster truck show with my kids!!!

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: GTABill on October 08, 2014, 07:38:20 AM
Fall has arrived in Missouri the past week and I am enjoying the cooler mornings.  The Royals are in the ALCS and I couldn't be happier.  Well, I could be if I had the Tek back.

Back in end of June, my son blew a head gasket in his Turbo Grand Prix and has been "borrowing" Tek until he gets it repaired.  Of course his GP isn't stock so everything is special order and takes longer.  Plus he works nights and goes to school at night when he isn't working so his time under the hood of his car is limited, but now that he's got all the parts he needs and there was no head or block damage, he is starting to put it all back together so hopefully I will have the Tek back in the next couple of weeks.  Man I miss driving it. 

Hope all the Tekkers are doing well. :)

Title: Re: Morning Coffee (Chat)
Post by: 97drexelgrad on October 08, 2014, 05:55:21 PM
Good Luck and hope you get your Tek back soon