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Title: FOR SALE: 2001 Aztek
Post by: JAztek on March 09, 2018, 12:19:58 AM
Been a long time since I visited the site.
  I hate to do it but I am selling my old buddy after 17 years.  I've put a lot of money into it, but considering, it's still in good shape and as beautiful as ever with only 114,000 miles. CarFax shows regular oil changes, maintenance and repairs. Tires are about a year old. Electric leather seats & bench are still in good shape.  Tow pkg with compressor and hydraulic leveler. A few things iffy- gas gauge is erratic under 1/2 tank;  AC leaks and needs recharging every so many months (but I live on the PNW central coast so it really hasn't affected me too often), Needs an oxygen sensor, a rattle at 25-30 mph when rounding a long curve (most always in the same two locations in my town).  I hit a deer a few years ago on the front drivers side and it show that it's been reconstructed on the title, but that never affected it's driveability.  Alignment is straight- Still drives as nicely as when new.
  I'm almost convincing myself to sell my new car and keep the Aztek. lol  
$2100.  I'll post some pics after I clean it up.
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