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Author Topic: Armor all glass cleaner. 5/10  (Read 5197 times)
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« on: August 13, 2007, 07:33:39 PM »

Disappointed with this product (well as other Armorall products), the main problem I have with this product is that sometimes you would have to apply it twice. For some reason after I would use the cleaner I would notice a small amount of haze or small steak marks left on the glass. Nothing to noticeable but it would still bother me enough to go back and clean the window a second time. At first I thought I just sucked at cleaning a window but I have not had this problem with any other glass cleaner I have used. The fact that it is safe for tinted windows is not really a bonus since almost every automotive glass cleaner on the market is ammonia free. Another thing is a majority of house brand glass cleaners are made by armorall. I have worked at two different automotive part stores and at both stores the house brand glass cleaner said armorall glass cleaner on the back of the bottle in small letters. If you really want to try this product then save a $1.50 and buy one of the cheaper house brand labels.
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