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Title: Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Coating. 9/10
Post by: CXTKRS1 on August 18, 2007, 08:35:21 PM

Great tire shine product from Meguiars, this stuff is very similar to their liquid spray but with a few key advantages. One it has a multi size sprayer nozzle which allows the user to adjust the sprayer to the size of the tire. This basically means all you have to do is make a single pass with the nozzle set to the right size and your done. Since the spray comes from an aerosol can you do not have to worry about run off getting on your rims. The coating is thin and seems to do a good job of sticking to the rubber of the tire, and sling run off is a problem I have not encountered since using the hot shine. In case you do get some run off on your rims their is no need to worry. The overspray will clean up real easy with a towel and will not leave an oily residue on the rim. I did not give this tire shine a 10/10 for two reasons. The first one is that unless you apply several coats you will not get the high gloss look you see with a liquid shine. The second reason is that the coating applied to the tire will fade after a few days.  Other then those two short comings this is a flawless product.

Title: Re: Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Coating. 9/10
Post by: tanktek on August 18, 2007, 09:49:08 PM
My 2 cents.

I always have the hot shine on hand in my car cleaning tool box.  Its a 10/10 in my books though. Its the only product I have ever found that doesnt give me that nasty tire sling off. It gets into all of the nooks and crannies of the treads and it doesnt dry milky in them.

Title: Re: Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Coating. 9/10
Post by: clarkeaj on May 28, 2010, 02:23:14 PM
For those of us with a 2001 model with the non-color matched runners, I am currently testing this product on those pannels.  My theory i that it will get rid of the fadeing problem that plagues us for the same length if not longer then Back to Black.  Initial testing is promising and I'll post more as time goes by.