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Author Topic: 2/14/2014 Update: Anti-Spam  (Read 5081 times)
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Tom Moog
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« on: February 14, 2014, 08:27:25 AM »

Greetings, 'tekkers!

I have added some anti-spam software to the site in order to keep from having bots sign up and post their "warez". It is impossible to know what a new member's intentions are based on their username. What I have done is to add a script that checks every user's IP address and email address against a worldwide database of known forum spammers. If their email address or IP address appears on that database, it places them into a sort of "hold", where it prevents their registration from completing unless an admin manually approves it.

Now, NO automated Anti-Spam process will be 100% effective, but I have to say that I have yet to see one slip by in over 5 years of using it on other sites. Here is where it can be tricky:

Some people go through a "proxy server" when signing up for accounts on forums. This "spoofs" the information about a member's true IP address. Some folks want to remain anonymous and don't want people to know where they are truly coming from. This is fine, as long as a spammer hasn't used the same proxy server to wreak havoc and get themselves listed in the Anti-Spam database. While new proxy servers come online all the time, it doesn't take long for the hackers to find them and use them to do their dirty work. It also doesn't take long for that server to wind up on the database as a spammer.

In other words, some legitimate people who try to sign up through a proxy server may be flagged as spammers. Similarly, if someone has had their email address compromised by a hacker or virus and has wound up in the database, they will be flagged here as well.

I look at each and every flagged user and look to see why they were flagged. It is fairly easy to tell if a legit user has been flagged.

Tom Moog

Site Founder and Administrator
Aztek Fan Club
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