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Title: Topend Teardown
Post by: 1greenteker on October 31, 2011, 08:56:45 PM
Hello Folks, been out of sync for a few days-----kids, wife that sort of thing. Finally got the intake and heads off my engine and into the far all good news: heads aren't cracked nor are the valves leaking. no ridges in the cylinders plus the rings are tight enough to hold back antifreeze that got into cylinders. Only one broken bolt so far, and the machine shop is taking it out. Heads are being resurfaced and should be ready by the weekend, and thanks again wolfy--found the bad sections on the intake gaskets as soon as I got it off.  Got the black gasket set  as recommended as well as a set of Purple manuals---very informative!   ;D Going to swap out my remote opener head tomorrow since 'Le Greenie's remote were lost in life, but I hace a complete set just sitting and waiting to be sent in the game. Have to check my Kenwood head to see if it is steering wheel adaptable, if not it'll go in the ElCamino. Again thanks for the great pics wolfy---I only stumbled a couple of times getting the top end tore down. Will post pics after I get the sorted out.