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Author Topic: 3.4L V6 Teardown Part 9 - Fan/Left Side Brace Removal  (Read 8301 times)
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« on: January 10, 2011, 11:52:52 PM »

Start by removing 2 10mm bolts holding the fan to the front grille one on each side.  The left one's under the radiator fill spout and can be a bit tricky to get at:

This came out blurry, but on top of the fan shroud, there's 2 rubber grommets that a plastic 'nipple' protrudes into to hold the shroud in place, but give it some flexibility.  These grommets are mounted to a metal bracket, which have 10mm bolts mounting them to the grille.  If you can't see how they're mounted, look at the next pic to see where the bolts are:

The two grommet brackets out - now you can see where the bolts are:

The left side of the fan shroud is still hindered from coming out by the left diagonal brace.  You may get lucky and be able to maneuver it to the right where all the empty space is and get it out.  Since, I'm showing how things come apart though, I'm going to go ahead and get that left brace out of the way and then pull the fans straight up and out.

First, remove the cover to the underhood fuse panel by pressing in on both cover tabs at the same time:

and take the cover off:

Since we disconnected the battery a LONG time ago, and I also removed the positive connection right at the fuse panel (under that red cover), there's no electricity in this panel now.

Loosen the 4 7mm bolts on the panel.  These do NOT come out - the actually are holding the big wire connector blocks underneath the panel TO the panel.

When these are loosened up enough, you can take the panel right out.  Sometimes you may have to coax a connector or two the rest of the way off.

Back side of fuse panel:

The big wire harness blocks.  In the manual, these are referred to as C1, C2, C3, and C4 with C4 being the small one on the far left and C1 being the one closest to the battery terminal on the right.

These blocks just lift out of their spots in the housing leaving it empty:

Other than sitting on the brace, the only thing holding that housing down is a single 10mm bolt to the fender wall.  Technically, you probably only need to remove this one bolt (with a wrench if the box is all together) and just move the whole panel out of the way without taking it apart like I did.  But, again, I'm showing how things come apart, so I took it all the way apart.  What?  You DID read through the instructions first before starting anything, didn't you?)

With the housing gone, there's the brace and the windshield washer fluid tank under it, and it's SO easy to get to the battery NOW.  

Remove the 13mm bolt from the rear of the brace.  Mine had a 10mm and a 13mm bolt at the front.  I'm assuming that's someone not putting the right bolts back at one time since the other side's front bolts were both 15mms.

Take the brace out.

Now, the fans can pull straight up.  This is the side that faces the radiator.  Big SoB's...

Backside that faces the engine.  Those metal shrouds over the motors?  Those are very sharp and will tear the hell out of your hands, which is another good reason to just get them out of the way.

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