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Author Topic: 3.4L V6 Teardown Part 7 - Exhaust X-Over Pipe and Radiator Baffle Removal  (Read 7905 times)
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« on: January 10, 2011, 10:42:16 PM »

These are two short steps to just clear some things out of your way for both visual and physical clearance to be able to work.

Here, you can see the X-Over pipe on the right with its shield off:

First, remove the 3 13mm nuts from both the front and back flanges of the X-Over pipe:

There's always one hiding:

Pipe out of the car - bottom shield is still in place:

With the X-Over pipe out, you can see the transaxle pretty clearly now:

We're getting there.....

Next, we go under the front end to remove the radiator baffle.  This will gain us access to reach some things from underneath.

Remove the 10mm bolts holding the baffle on.  Over the years, I guess several of mine have fallen out or weren't put back on before I got the car, so I only had like 4 bolts holding this whole thing on.  Looks like there might've been twice that many originally:

Looking up at the radiator front from underneath. (Actually, since it's in front, that might be the A/C condensor instead)

The baffle is that whole plastic covering on the bottom of the radiator:

Find every bolt you can holding that on and take it out - they're all 10mm:

Baffle out, laying on the floor:

Baffle inside:

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