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Author Topic: 3.4L V6 Teardown Part 10 - Left Mount Bracket/Front Head Removal  (Read 14374 times)
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« on: January 11, 2011, 12:09:54 AM »

In the home stretch now....

Look at all that room to work in now.  I've got my whole big paw stretched out there...all kinds of room now!

Lots of clearance and I can see all the way to the floor now, too:

Now I can easily get at those two really long bolts...no way I could get my hand and a ratchet and have room to back out a good 7-8 inch long bolt as well:

The bolt in the center of the bracket is a 17mm - I think that's the only 17mm bolt I've run across:

Crawl underneath and get that bottom 15mm bolt out of the A/C compressor and just let it lay where it wants to:

Make sure any wires aren't being pulled really tight...if they are, disconnect them:

With all those bolts out, you should now be able to lift the bracket out.  To the left of it is a hole that sits on the bottom left corner head bolt which has a stud on it just for indexing this bracket.  Lift it up off the stud and take the bracket out.

Good size chunk of metal:

Since you're there, just to the right of the bracket, remove the 15mm bolt holding the oil dipstick to the head.

Pull the stick and it's tube right out:

And, finally, the last step I'm taking as far as dis-assembly goes, taking the front head off.

Loosen evenly then remove the 8 15mm bolts holding the head on.

Here you can see the front 3 cylinders and their pistons:

A shot of the junk laying at the front now:

Junk on the right side we didn't take out:

Cleaned up center:

Left side brace area:

Pulled back shot of the whole engine bay...and there's a Tek torn all the way down to the engine block..

That's all the further I'm tearing it down...the next section will show what was wrong with the back head and how I got it fixed.
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« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2011, 12:17:03 AM »

I thought I'd include these 4 pics of all sides of the assembled engine outside the car. 

This is not my engine, I found these on eBay for an engine offered for sale, but he had good pics of all 4 sides of the engine.

Studying these may help with where things go and how they fit together:


Left (belt/passenger) side (NOTE - belt tensioner is not oriented where it normally is, I assume it's the way it is for ease of shipping):

Back showing ignition coils up top, EGR tube coming up from back manifold heat shield, O2 sensor (bank 1) bottom center:

Right (driver's) side where transaxle connects:

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