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Author Topic: 3.4L V6 Rebuild Pt.2  (Read 5954 times)
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« on: July 02, 2011, 11:29:57 AM »

Lower Intake Manifold back on.  Thick bead of gasket maker applied to the block between the heads to seal the front and back of the LIM:

Back of engine with LIM on and heater tube back on.  I should have put the thermostat and its housing back on right here - that came back to bite me later on...

Left side of engine with LIM on.

Fuel rail back on - looking more and more like an engine with each part added back on..

I took each injector off the rail, cleaned them, made sure the tip was clean and the cap on the end moved freely, and replaced both top and bottom O-rings.  Put a dab of dish soap on my fingers and coated the caps on each one after re-installing them to the rail and it helped them pop right back in their holes in the LIM.

The spaghetti is starting to come back..

Left side with fuel rail back on.

EXHAUST!!!  Because of how unwieldy it was, I took the exhaust apart and installed each piece one at a time.  This is the old exhaust system.  Right side:

X-over pipe around the back:

Left side with new EGR tube thread through shield opening and new O2 sensor installed.

Front end with exhaust all buttoned up.

Upper intake (plenum) back on.  Before this, I had to take the exhaust X-over pipe back off so I could get the engine mounting bracket and the thermostat and elbow mounted.  Don't know why I didn't think to put them before hand - guess I thought I could get to them afterwards.  That black tube right in the middle of the pic goes from the air intake to the back valve cover under the coil packs.  The old tube was ok, but the valve cover grommet was torn, and the rubber was worn and weak and it wouldn't stay in place.  It would cause a big vacuum leak that could easily be heard as a loud hissing coming from the back of the engine.  I had a hard time finding this grommet, and when I finally ended up at a GM dealer to see if they could get it, I found out why.  The grommet isn't available separately, it comes with the tube.  The whole thing was only $8.00 (even from a dealership) so I had them get me one and I just replaced the whole thing.

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