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Author Topic: 3.4L V6 Block Teardown Pt.7  (Read 3442 times)
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« on: June 30, 2011, 11:21:44 PM »

With the front cover out of the way, it's now really easy to get at the bolts for the lower intake manifold:

Here, the timing set is off (just one big bolt through the large gear and the whole set slips right off), and the block is upside down ready for the crank to come out:

With the main bearing caps already off, next is the connecting rod bearing caps:

Again, keep the caps in order, orientation, and keep the nuts with it.

Upper rod bearing for cylinder #1:

After the caps are off, the pistons are ready to come out..It's recommended to take a section of fuel line hose or something similar and cut it into 2 6" or so long pieces...use these to slip over the bolt ends of the connecting rods where the caps go to protect the cylinder walls from getting scratched by them when they pass through...Also, this is a trick I saw on a Boxwrench engine building video for catching pistons if you have to beat on them so they don't crash to the floor...take two headbolts and thread them diagonally across the cylinder bore...stretch several thick rubber bands between them...the rubber bands will catch the piston on its way out, saving it from damage:

Just about empty block - crank is out, pistons are out...only thing still in it is the camshaft:

Other half of main bearings removed:


#2 & #3:


Removing a small metal shield covering the connector for the 7x crankshaft position sensor on the side of the block.  The other end of this purple/white twisted wire goes to the ignition module on top of the engine.  This wire would prove interesting on re-assembly:

Two bolts hold a cap in place that secures the camshaft.  Remove those and carefully slide the cam straight out being careful not to scrape it against the bearing in the block if you're going to re-use it:

Where the camshaft lives...you can't really see the surfaces of the bearings, but they're in there...

Crank and Cam sitting next to each other on a sawhorse:

Camshaft journal close ups:





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